Something About a Saturday

It’s hard to rise before the dawn when the dawn comes late. It’s autumn in Michigan and the sun isn’t up until well after 7.

Funny that today I woke before 5 as I would on a weekday and couldn’t help but fall back into sleep. Even though it’s been years since I observed the Jewish Sabbath strictly, Saturdays are routinely my day to stay in sweats, stay inside, relax, restore, rejuvenate and reflect.

Of course, in an ideal life, we would have bits of this every day. My morning meditation is part of that, in a way. But not enough. That’s why I find myself welcoming a full day to stay put and take stock.


A good yoga class can offer that in an hour. It’s amazing how “high” I feel after one of Katherine Austin’s yoga classes. The gift of truly leaving the workaday worries behind and stepping out of the always-checking-the-iPhone mentality is priceless.

Today, the rain is constant and the sky is gray. Someone said our soccer game tomorrow might be rained out. (I hope not – it’s my last coaching opportunity this season and man I love those sweet-faced kids.)

The rain and the cold and the early sunsets and late sunrises drive us inside. Watch how the seasons affect us. We are so similar to the wildlife, burrowing deeper


as winter approaches, gathering our nuts for stockpiling, packing on additional layers.

There’s nothing wrong with it, either. The only thing wrong in this life is going against what nature would have us do. Sometimes the best games come on gray, rainy days. Letting go and letting the raindrops fall, no fear of getting wet, no taking cover. That’s where real life lives.

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