Small Business Saturday or Spirituality Saturday?

Yesterday, today, Monday, it’s all about spending money. Consuming. Acquiring. Crossing off lists and accumulating more.

What if we bucked the trend and focused on loftier goals?

I’d like to propose Spirituality Saturday. A day dedicated to stopping, slowing down, having conversations, focusing on meaning and what matters. Here’s how it will go:

Turn off all technology. I mean all of it. Wake when your body is ready to rise, pull back the covers slowly, give a hug to anyone who’s near.

Meander to the kitchen and make a cup of tea or coffee or hot chocolate for the kids. Sit at the table. Read the paper. Read a book. Be in the room with other people, all engrossed in something interesting to read.

Make breakfast and take your time with it. Omelets with veggies and herbs and whole grain toast. Or make French toast from Friday night’s leftover challah, blessed at the Sabbath table for the sweetness it represents in our lives.

Stay in pajamas or sweats for a while. Maybe an hour, maybe longer. Read more. Doze on the couch. Cuddle up with someone you love and revel in the beat of their heart against yours.

Perhaps you take a walk in the sunshine and talk with whomever is at your side. Perhaps you go somewhere inspiring – synagogue or church, a talk or a poetry reading.

Or perhaps you go nowhere at all. The stroll around the blocks is simply that, a stroll around the block.

Reconvene with your people, or invite some over to join you, and make a nourishing lunch. Vegetable soup, salad, sandwiches warmed in the oven or frying pan. Warm your soul. Warm everyone around you.

Spend the afternoon with the silence of the tech ban and either take to the outdoors to let the kids play at a park or to just breathe in the crisp air, and really savor it, let it swirl at the back of your tongue like a deep yoga breath and close your eyes, face turned toward the sky.

As the sun wanes, bake something that makes the whole house smell reassuring. Involve the kids or someone you love. Do it together. Do a lot of things together. Take this day to just be in the moments.

And as the day comes to a close, do something to signify it. Watch the light fade on the horizon, say a prayer, give a blessing of gratitude for all that you have and that you have all that you need.

Really think about that. Really think about the fact that you have everything you need right now. Revel in it and be grateful. And realize that all the goals we chase after and items we yearn to buy are just not important at all. You are fine without them.

And as night falls, climb into the biggest bed in the house with everyone who lives there and turn the TV to an old movie made when times were simpler. Laugh at its primitive and innocent qualities and step inside if you can, to that time when different things were appreciated and cherished.

Perhaps you end the day falling into peaceful slumber in a tangle of bodies of loved ones, or perhaps you tuck everyone in one by one and wish them good dreams. Either way, make it a day of love and of thinking, of pondering about the meaning behind the stories, the moments more than the purchases.

That’s what I’d like to do today. Make it mean something.

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