It happens a lot, start the week on full swing and run to a halt come Friday. This morning, the sky is gray, the air through the window is cool and after taking the kids to school, I get to work from home, meditate leisurely in the quiet morning and make my way to noon yoga.

It’s the kind of day I love. My time, my preferences.

Yesterday, also a good day but a different agenda, we finished with soccer practice up the street. It was beautiful and sunny and not too hot when we got there. The kids were eager to kick the ball and run and laugh in the grass.

We did all sorts of drills and then, heavy dark clouds rolled in overhead. A few drops fell but not a lot and so we said we probably wouldn’t scrimmage if the rain fell. Little did we know how it would fall!

Finally, we did a punting drill, counting to 3 and all the players dropping and kicking and then running fast to collect their balls. And that’s when the skies opened up.

First, steady rain. Then heavy downpour. Torrential. Like curtains of rain. All the other parents had driven their kids to practice but it was a quarter mile away, so we walked. Shaya was afraid of a tornado. Asher got on his bike and pedaled fast home. I grabbed the soccer bag and began to run, Eliana behind me, Dan folding up the chairs.

Poured and poured and poured and we galloped down the street. Still, it takes time to get home and so I laughed with the kids in the heavy rain. A neighbor beckoned us onto her porch but the boys were several houses ahead and I just couldn’t leave them. An older lady stopped to pull Eliana and I into the car and we rode the few houses left, out of the rain, to our driveway.

Dan arrived in another parent’s car, pulling up close to the garage. The boys were already home, Shaya still scared.

We gathered in the house and the rain eased and then a double rainbow appeared and everyone on Facebook posted the pictures they’d snapped. Asher stood on our porch trying to get a good one.

It was just another day. Just like this one. Take what comes, roll with it.

But sometimes we just need the quiet, the space, to regenerate, to renew. That’s what I’m most looking forward to today. And of course, no coincidence that tonight begins Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement.

I don’t believe in just saying sorry once a year, but it’s good measure to be reminded.

Every day, we get a new chance at life. We are always starting over.

Wishing you the best one yet.

(No coincidence that we read the story of Noah at this time of year. The rainbow was God’s symbol and promise that he would never destroy the world, no matter how horrible we might be. Read into it what you will.)

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