Ordinary Beautiful Moments

Ordinary beautiful moments, that’s what makes a wonderful life.

The view pre-sunrise from atop Cadillac Mountain. It happens every day – have you ever stopped to watch it?

Breathing in the mint-snow air atop Pike’s Peak in Colorado with Dan and the kids. Careening around curvy roads on the Oregon coast, to an oyster lunch on an innocuous dock and a hike through woods down to oceanside, all planned by my wonderful husband.

Today’s sunrise on Cadillac Mountain. Who knew when we met nearly five years ago that our life would be full of so many ordinary pinnacles.

Who knew life could be this remarkable.

The thing is, all the incredible-ness is rather ordinary. The sunrise is a subtle beauty that happens every day. We just happened to deliberately rise at 3:45 to sleepily drive to the top – 1,532 feet elevation – and cuddle inside a white soft blanket close together to watch the clouds break into pinks and yellows and lavenders.

In our marriage, we’ve climbed higher.

Today, the wind whipped, unencumbered by anything at that highest Acadian point. I snapped a bunch of pictures, aware of the very subtle changes that took us from night to daybreak to full on morning.

Then, we walked a pebble trail that turned into boulders and wood planks around Jordan Pond, a 150-foot deep glacial lake so clear you can see down 45 feet. The quiet was poetry. We heard a loon song, saw a fox and a beaver and a deer.

We didn’t disturb them and they didn’t disturb us. Peaceful cohabitation. This is what the long-married strive for.

Jordan Pond, with a view of the Bubbles in the distance – we climbed south bubble yesterday

But again, I am amazed at how easy it all is. The subtle beauty. Noticing the moments. They’re there, if only we can stop to see them.

And that is the beauty of a life well-lived. The details. The meaning in the mundane. Knowing that an ordinary life is really a wonderful life in disguise – and that it all rests in how you see things. Really, taking the time to see what’s really under your nose.

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