On Why I Love the Sunrise

I had but a few minutes of quiet this morning from when I awoke until the kids came streaming into my room. And in that time, I pulled up the bamboo shade above my bed and watched the sky turn from sea-blue to pink to strings of yellow-white sun and a striking day in all its brightness right outside my window.

By then, Asher had arrived, and Eliana too. She with a book for us to read, Eric Carle’s Pancakes! Pancakes! We burrowed down into the blankets and then I found Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises on TV and we watched the toreador’s waving red at a fairly tame bull while a woman with a pillbox hat cheered from the stands.

And then Shaya slinked in, finding space between his sister and his brother, and Asher was reading The Hardy Boys. And so it was a good morning, a good beginning, on a slow day in January, just after the new year.

With the beginning of a decade and the ending of fear, I am hoping for peace and simplicity in 2010. I am paring down the clutter and the poisonous people and becoming highly selective of who gets close.

In 2009, I battled with individuals who lacked character. I struggled to fit them into the fold of my path but really, they never did. There are remnants, now, spilling over into the new space but as soon as I clear the air and banish the threads of poison from my midst, the sunrise will shine brighter, the snow gleam under the sun.

There is a flower the peeks up through the sun, determined as ever to fight for its very breath amid the death of winter. The crocus is beautiful, full of color, and strong. It noses its way through the snowbanks to see the light of the sun and feel the warmth of promise on the wind.

I have long believed in the infinite possibilities of each day. I refuse to believe in betrayal, even though it abounds all around me. I am truly a glass-half-full and it is into my aching words that I pour whatever discontent or disbelief I stumble over on this knotty path of life.

But life is good. It is the one true gift and one thing I took from my days in religion was a simple morning prayer, which recognizes in the sunrise, the very miracle of each new day, of the next breath coming, of morning as a new chance to start fresh.

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