No Such Thing as Competition

Competition can kill you. Really.

It’s the thing that drives you to keep up with (fill in the blank) – not focus straight ahead on the road you’re already driving.

It’s the element that makes you care how many¬†instead of how good.

It’s the thing that keeps you turning in the night, wondering if you’re as good as.

I just don’t have time for it.

There’s enough to do, worry about, focus on and throw away that all the time gets filled like a glass of beer – slow and bubbly, warm caramel-y brown. The time is full; no room for competition.

And the thing is, the actual-best truth, that you are the expert in exactly what you do. No one else will get it quite like you will nor devote as much heart and soul and talent to the way you do things and the product you churn out. Plain and simple. So if you’re competing with Average Joe to be the same, do the same, have the same amount, then you’ve already lost.

Competition is stupidwastefulhatefulmisguidedalarmingquizzicalponderousanddumb.

There is enough room in the world for me, you and a whole host of others. Now go do your job.

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