Sometimes, the simplest things are the most rewarding.

Yesterday, I drove with a colleague to Kalamazoo, two hours straight west on the road to support a client in a TV segment filming. It’s a big client doing meaningful work – Lutheran Social Services of Michigan, opening a new trauma assessment center to help children work through traumas in their lives and come out on top. (Here’s the segment.)

They could have done it without our driving to be there, but they and we were so glad we went. Because the connections between people are what make a good life.

I felt on top of the world for being able to help spread the word that there are places that care enough about kids to help them change the trajectory of their lives. That there are people dedicated to finding better ways to help people, lasting ways, treatments that truly make a difference.

We can become consumed by the obligations of life. Or we can look at the work we do and the people around us and focus solely on the beauty that is there.

Because it’s always there.

I’ll admit, I didn’t want to spend four hours driving yesterday. That’s how my mind works – I never want to go to the party or drive long distances; I’d rather stay in my comfortable home or office and get work done, eyes focused forward.

But I go. And I am glad I do. Every. Single. Time.

Because interacting with others, focusing on being OF SERVICE, that’s where satisfaction and happiness live.

When I focus on myself and stay inward, life swirls around me in uncomfortable tornadoes. When I focus outward, life is pretty damn good.

At 5:37 a.m., my little guy came rushing into my bedroom today. It was still dark, morning dawning at the creases of the clouds. I had a nightmare, he said.

I pulled the covers back to let him climb in and he nestled very close to me. I put an arm around him and his blankie and stuffed monkey. I breathed in the sweet scent of his silky hair.

He fell back asleep beside me but I lay there with my eyes open, thinking about how sweet the moment was, how lucky I am to have this angel beside me, providing comfort when he needed it.

What’s the meaning in what you’re going to do today? Who will you help? Where are you needed? How can you truly make a difference in the world? Go at it. Only you can get there.

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