Leap and the Net Will Appear

There were flower petals on the bed in the fabulous New York hotel. Outside the air was hot and still. It was one day, and a long one, surprised as she was to celebrate her first anniversary by boarding a plane and kicking it up in the city.

The existential crisis hovered at the edges, like a dog on a leash, wanting to nip ankles but unable to reach them. For now, it was sunshine and smiles and memories of decadent breakfasts before this moment, this life, in Soho cafes. He was sweet then and she loved him, or at least she wanted to.

“Human judgment, even expert human judgment, falls well short of certainty.” Atul Gawande, Complications. Of course, he refers to surgery and medicine, but you understand the metaphor.

Until this year, I really thought I could have someone. What that means is I believed they could be unequivocally mine. Now I know better. And the knowledge is freeing, emboldening, the start of the path toward love.

Wake up everyone – how can you sleep at a time like this? – unless the dreamer is the real you…Make It Mine,” Jason Mraz

Mountain paths and muddy pools. The most expansive view, eyes closed. A trust fall without falling.

In the morning, she bakes bread so the house smells fresh and warm. The children nuzzle into their blankets. The open windows bring in the night. It tastes of mint and love.

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