Ok so it took a day or two and asking my son to help me remember what he said that evening together in the park.

It was between hopscotch and the climbing structure that Asher said, “Do you know the key to getting out of quicksand, Mommy?”

“No,” I replied.

“Don’t struggle,” he said. “It makes it worse.”

Hmmmm…I thought. That’s a metaphor if ever I heard one. Which I said to my 8-year-old boy only to hear, “What’s a metaphor?”

“Um…it’s when you say one thing but really it means more than just the words.” I got a quizzical look and then we were at the playscape and that was far more compelling.

But really. The key to freeing yourself from quicksand is to not fight against it, because it’ll only sink you further in.

Take it for what it’s worth, people.

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