Grateful for Freedom of Choice

Today, on this holiday of gratitude, the overarching thing I am grateful for is that I have choice in so many instances.

I have a choice to be happy or sad, loving or angry, loud or quiet. I have a choice in how I start my day – grateful and prayerful or grumbling and exhausted.

I have a choice in the work that I do (thank God!) and I make the choice over and over again to work with incredible and inspiring people and organizations.

I have a choice to meet my father for lunch every week or say I’m too busy – and I routinely decide that time with those I love is far more important than scrambling to get things done and check off my to-do list.

And while we’re on this one, I am grateful for the choice to end my day when the kids come home and take them to the pool to swim laps together or to cook together in the kitchen or whatever it is we do together, instead of racing home, harried and stressed, at dinner time and pack them off to bed.

I have a choice on which candidate to vote for and for that matter, whether to vote at all (I do). I can choose to speak out and speak up about injustices and things I find unfair, to take an active role in my society and my country and my city and my community, to make  a difference, to help make the world better.

I have a choice of whom I spend my life with, and I’m pretty happy about the choices I’ve made: my lovely husband, my loving friends, my incredible children, my caring family.

On this day, I keep in the front of my mind this idea of choice, for our happiness and our success are indeed a choice. And I am choose to be grateful, for even the rocky moments, even the self-imposed torment, for it leads me out the other side with gratitude and a sense of perspective.

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