First Tuesday of the New Year

ba574b54fc2b20a4c1e80f6cd7815471Pale pink winter sky. A dusting of new snow. The brick chimney puffs steam, while inside, radiators hiss warm air.

It was harder to wake this morning. The adrenaline high of first-day-back made yesterday easy, exciting even, and then we all fell into bed late into the night after talking about our days.

Today: my little guy stretched like a cat when I roused him in the dark. My older boy was quiet when I tapped him and whispered good morning. My girl groaned and rolled into the blankets.

I poured the coffee, which tasted like a bright awakening. We made fruit smoothies and bagels with cream cheese and lox. We packed lunches. We packed into down coats, gloves, hats.

The car hummed warm while we waited inside.

Another day. Another beginning. Another stream of possibilities.

What’s going to be great about today? I asked the little one.

He shrugged his narrow bony shoulders.

coffee-morning-fundraising-lewes-bonfire-night-societyI didn’t really expect an answer, just wanted to plant the idea.

And now I sit in the quiet house, an orange sunrise reflecting in my living room tapestry, beaming bright over the snow-covered hills.

It is a beautiful morning. It is a peaceful day. The air of possibility swirls around, whispering on its trajectory if you stop to listen.

Before I jump into the work day, I will take time to pray in my own words, reflect on the day ahead, create order instead of madness, so I can slip into the day seamlessly and feel the flow of getting things done in a digestible pace.

It’s the first Tuesday of the new year. We make meaning by isolating moments or days, celebrating them, remembering stories that energize and empower.

What will it be about today that is memorable? What will make it special?

full moon morningOn the way to school, a full white moon hung strong in the sky. It’s a Wolf Moon, and the first full one of this year, guiding our path.

For the full moon in Cancer, which this one is, it’s about nourishing the self, saving, honoring mothers, realizing that strong emotions may pour forth.

They call it a Wolf Moon because of the packs of wolves howling for food in this wintry landscape. What are you yearning for? What will this ignite in you?

A poem, from Kimberly Bator:

The Cold Full Moon

I stood in the moonlight this morning.
The earth is slowly waking, whispering,
stretching, waiting for the sun.
Wonderous feeling cold white light
wrapping around me.
Lift me up, dance in the grass, sparkle
the trees with diamonds. Blessings.

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