Fatal Colorado Shooting: Can’t Let Tragedy Paralyze Us

Have you heard the news today? Twelve dead in a terrifying shooting in a Denver movie theater.

Horrible. Frightening. Unthinkable.

Thank God we weren’t sitting in that theater, at that time, for that movie. And our prayers go up to Heaven for those who were.

And in all the news forums today, people are asking: “Are you not going to go to the movies anymore because of this tragedy?” I’ve heard people say, “Now, don’t question the Israeli approach to security.”

This is fodder for conversation only for a minute because if we stop to think about the what-ifs of life, the this-might-happens, the horrifying images our imaginations dredge up, well then we’d be imprisoned within the walls of our homes forever.

Or maybe even then, we’d let the fear drive us, telling us all the horrible things that could happen there. When you set loose this line of thinking, you realize you are never safe.

Or you are always safe.

There are terrible people in this world and unthinkable tragedies happen. Kids snatched from their beds in peaceful slumber. Pedophiles, sexually abusive priests and football coaches, terrorizing spouses, the list goes on and on.

But for every horrible person there are thousands of wonderful ones.

For every act of terror there are uncountable acts of kindness and generosity.

The world is full of good and evil, and it’s all about how you look at it. How you CHOOSE to look at it.

We cannot cower in fear because then we make the world into a place run by psychopaths and monsters.

We cannot give control to the senseless tragedies that happen every so often. We cannot chalk up a lifetime to the moments of mistake.

We cannot. We cannot. We cannot.

So let’s take a prayerful moment today to whisper into the wind and sun, to send our compassion and kindness to the victims of this senseless tragedy. And then let’s send our compassion to the universe and pray for the healing of those troubled souls who think acts like this are actually tenable.

And then let’s focus our attention on all of the wonderful, good, miraculous things that happen every day, every minute, every place in this world.

We have to. Our lives depend on it.

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