Everything Depends on Relationships

I am convinced more than ever.

In business: who you know and how they feel about you matters greatly. Don’t burn a bridge. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Maintain good relations with everyone who crosses your path.

And when you feel grumbly about a person or situation, consider it a mirror to self-scrutinize. The boss is not a jerk. The co-worker is not annoying. It is a perfect opportunity – a gift, really – for you to reflect on why you are having trouble tolerating the details.

Every person at the core has a heart of gold. If you honor that and treat everyone as such, you won’t go wrong.

When you give in to the urge to hate-annoy-gossip, it will come back to you. Always does.

And in the personal realm: relationships come and relationships go but in times of turmoil, the ones who text and call and email and arrive at the doorstep with a fresh batch of soup are the ones in for the long haul.

No matter that you haven’t spoken in a while. It’s those voices that are homecomings, reminders of all that is good in the world.

Today is my grandmother’s 91st birthday. She made it to see 91. We are taking everything day to day but you know, we should all live that way. There are no guarantees that tomorrow will come for any of us – we’ve all lived long enough to realize that things happen, tragedies fall in our midst, none of us are untouchable.

So why not treat each day as if it were the one and only? Because really it is – no guarantees for tomorrow, the past already a shadow behind us.

It applies to the workplace, too. If the work I’m doing today does not matter, if I do not treat it as if it is the only and most important work I could do, then why do it?

What is the purpose? Forget outcomes, forget destinations. Ride the journey.

A great example of that is my friend and client, Katherine Austin, who is in India now, planning her yoga retreat for 2014. She’s firming up relationships and details so she can lead people on a magical, transformational journey next year.

Every minute there is worthy of storytelling. Look for her videos and pictures on Facebook and on the Karma website. She is living the minutes so the impact is greater, wider, more meaningful.

We should all have work so personally transformative. To see the world and forge relationships across many miles for the purpose of elevating people and adding meaning and higher purpose to their lives.

Is that what you do? If not, reframe your work so it fits that. It’s how I feel every day about the work that I do.

And as far as Grandma goes, tonight we will sing happy birthday over individual bumpy cakes at her hospital bedside and tell her again, as always, how much we love her.

It’s the relationships that keep us going.

In business.

In life.

In everything.

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