Every Relationship Deserves Time, Patience & Understanding

Charlotte stood quietly over the fly, preparing to eat it. Wilbur lay down and closed his eyes. He was tired from his wakeful night and from the excitement of meeting someone for the first time. A breeze brought him the smell of clover – the sweet-smelling world beyond his fence.

“Well,” he thought, “I’ve got a new friend, all right. But what a gamble friendship is! Charlotte is fierce, brutal, scheming, bloodthirsty – everything I don’t like. How can I learn to like her, even though she is pretty and, of course, clever?”

Wilbur was merely suffering the doubts and fears that often go with finding a new friend. 

In good time, he was to discover that he was mistaken about Charlotte. Underneath her rather bold and cruel exterior, she had a kind heart, and she was to prove loyal and true to the very end. – p. 41, Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White

Reading this with my little guy the other night, it occurred to me how profound it is. A child’s book, one we’ve read so often. So familiar.

And yet we miss the meaning behind the beautiful words.

Melody and harmony, message and thought. That’s what wraps into even the simplest story.

We are no more wise as adults, in fact, probably far less so. The mere act of thinking we know so much blinds us to what is true.

Today, I am so grateful for the gift of motherhood to show me the truth. To lead me to simplicity and beauty in the prose. To lay with my son in the night-dark, feel the warmth of his body as he leans into mine, and hear the cadence of his breathing under the sound of my voice laying the words over him like a blanket.

This moment, this gift, this chance at connection and love, is more precious than just about anything I can imagine.

Thank God our days show us what is real, when we try so hard to shield ourselves with the game of life.

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