They say during sleep, we process and release emotions and blockages similar to what happens during meditation. Well last night, I dreamt in detail of India, a place I’ve never been but will be going in just a few months.

I know this trip will be a life-changer. Anytime we get out of our comfort zone, far away, and unplug – truly unplug – we change. Grow. See things differently.

This time, I’ll be going to one of the most populous places on the planet, where the day is upside down from the day at home, where we have to be so careful about what we eat and drink, where spirituality lines the streets.

It will be an eye-opener for sure.

Between now and then I have many travels actually and many life-changing events. Moving to a new house. Leaving a house where my children have spent their entire childhood. Traveling to Palm Springs to support a client. Traveling to Sedona to speak and support two clients.


Life is on overdrive these days, but it’s all good.

So India. In the night, she came to me as a place where the people were familiar – everyone I know. I was in a chocolate shop with chocolates in the shape of Hindu deities – I remember many chocolate Ganeshas and, since that’s the one that speaks to me most often, I wanted to indulge but I really wasn’t hungry.

My parents were there – which is a dream in itself, as India is not of interest to them at all. The shower was in the middle of everything. I couldn’t take off the towel. Clients were there, friends, and in my dreams, India looked just like the West, just a little bit more crowded.

Not scary.

Not foreign.

We can interpret that dream – any dream! – in so many ways, but I’ve stopped interpreting. It is what it is. The dream clears whatever stuff I may have clogged up. Nervousness? Sure. Anticipation? You bet.

My father says the 40s were his most productive decade. I see entirely what he means. I have had more experiences and more revelations in the past two years than perhaps in all my life.

Well, to be fair, it probably started for me around 37. But it certainly intensified as I neared the big 4-0 and it has not slowed down since.

The beauty of life is in these awakenings. The more we can have, the more rich our lives can be. When we insist on status quo and familiarity and routine, we miss something, some vibrancy, some uplifting, some a-ha moments.

What is life without all of the surprises?

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