When The Day Starts Well & Early

It’s so easy to get up early in the summer. So today I was up before 6, doing a bit of yoga to soothing mantra music, and then took to the streets to walk two miles before starting my day.

Oh the quiet. What a peaceful time of day! I wasn’t alone, but all the people I passed this morning were happy and friendly. What would it be like if everyone began their day like this?

And last night, with two kids’ games rained out (oh, how I prayed for rain – thank you God for listening!), Dan and I curled up in front of the TV early, to simply settle, relax, reconnect.

That’s the thing about traveling on a holiday weekend. We so looked forward to getting away and having the time off – we played hard and fast. The kids were up late and up early to splash with their cousins in the pool. We did the Saturday morning race (2 miles/5K) and logged many rides at the Bonifest carnival.

Go, go, go…until you stop.

We all need a good dose of balance in every week. So last night I finally had the chance to watch the season finale of Mr. Selfridge (how I love period dress and storytelling – the formality of World War I-era drama, the respect among people and society) and dipped into a silly episode of 19 Kids and Counting (how many Duggars can get married how quickly?).

It felt good to just sit. And this morning, it felt good to move.

That yin and yang of everyday life has to happen or we implode. Stress can lead to the dissolution of sanity, of health.

Yesterday, I began to wonder again what we do it all for, why we work so hard, why we push push push. Yes, we must work to afford our lives, but must we work in the paths we are walking, with the hours we are filling?

Or do we do it to avoid the silence?

The inevitable silence that comes from being still. Being present.

While I don’t support the ultra-religiosity of the Duggars in the 19 Kids show, the reason I watch it at times is because I love the presentation of simplicity that it offers.

The idea that a family decides for itself what is right, how to spend their days, what path to walk. I love that. I live that way.

Last night, I reconnected with a friend whose voice I hadn’t heard in a week. We caught up and then planned to meet tomorrow early, to walk through the woods, to get grounded together.

Nothing replaces that type of serenity. No day can begin without a serious sense of grounding.

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