Creating Something New

There are no new stories, only new ways of telling them. At least that’s what I thought until I discovered The Magic Thief by Sarah Prineas last year. Now, I’m reading the second book in the series with my eldest son, who can read just fine by himself. It’s our ritual, our discovery, our adventure on the tousled covers of my bed before he sleeps.

Hugh MacLeod’s talent is being witty, clever and artistic on little business cards. And in his book, Ignore Everybody and 39 Other Keys to Creativity, he says you are responsible for your own experience. He’s not telling a new story – he’s just saying it in a creative way, selling a new product with a perrenially important message.

This morning, I ran in the rain. Drops spotting my orange be-present shirt I bought at a yoga studio in New Haven, Connecticut when I was embarking on a new life. The air was fresh and cool. In a neighborhood I know well, I noticed houses in a different way, a manicured yard with admiration.

Later, there was music as I worked and the children popping in to say hello. Summer is winding down and it is too cool already. I want to bask in the sun a while longer.

But we adapt to the changes put before us and cool temps are just another bend in the road. The calls have been coming in relentlessly, for help, for guidance and I am honored at the gift but burdened with the task of answering well. It’s just business, is a sentiment not everyone understands.

And then news of another diagnosis, of someone several steps from me but familiar nonetheless. Everywhere, I could see bad news, but I choose to see light and gift in every moment.

I am looking forward to the quiet and the focus of the coming weekend. To the sunshine and the early morning air. To the farmers market and the creativity pouring forth to benefit everyone who takes a chance on me and my nascent company so that they will, indeed, be pleased.

Have you discovered meaning in someone’s words or work or just a passing moment? If so, share them with me. I want to hear from others who look at the world as a half-full glass. Because in my humble opinion, that is the only way to truly live.

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