This time of year comes around every year, you know. The closure of a year well-lived. The dawning of a year full of possibility. We take stock. We take time off. We give gifts. We say thank you. We ponder how we can be better, and we make plans to get there.

So why are we surprised every time it comes around?

I am so excited to close my office at the end of this Friday and not return to the workplace (technically – you know I’ll be working from home) until January 2nd. I am excited to have down time, quiet time, packing time (yes, we’re moving), time to frolic with the kids on a little getaway, time for parties with friends and colleagues.

It all feels so luxurious. So happy. So looking forward to these minutes in the next few days and weeks.

So why isn’t life like this more of the time?

We have ultimate control, you know. We can say, I’m done working for today so that I can look into the eyes of a favorite person and really listen to the cadence of their voice.

We also can choose to run haggard over and around people, claiming important projects and deadlines, when really, if we took a step back and looked at it all, we’d realize there is only so much we can do in a given day, so we are far better off if we do it well and calmly and with happiness and satisfaction than crazed lunacy.

I’ve been thrown a bunch of curve balls this week, and I’m so proud that through it all, I kept an even keel. All good, my mantra. This is how it’s meant to be. Even if I had other plans to begin with.

It all does work out, you know. The curve balls are the growing moments, and opportunities, even if they don’t look like it. Goodbyes. Hellos. Completions. Starts.

So as you walk into your year-end madness, try to change it into joy. Not for religious reasons, necessarily, but because that’s the best place to be, the place that makes the most sense, the place where Truth lives. Go ahead. I dare you.

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