In this two weeks of spiritual journey, I started to ponder the amazing wonders of every piece of our lives.

So much of yoga focuses on releasing us from the bondage of our self-imposed chains,  so that we can realize our potential, and live at a higher level. Live from the soul, from the holiness in each of us.

No, it’s not a bunch of poses to make you sweat and get those rock-hard abs that are not really realistic for someone who’s given birth to three children. It is so much deeper than that.

Really, if you look at yoga from every angle, it’s a blueprint for how to live an amazing life, how to leave a legacy of meaning, how to make the world a better place.

When I first planned to go on this trip, I asked Dan if he’d come along. He really didn’t want to, and besides three weeks off work is just way too much for anyone back home to really ask for. That’s ok. I’m here to record and document and experience, and I know I wouldn’t have had quite as profound an experience with him at my side, because we’d be focusing on each other.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t missed him.

I have. A lot.

When you go on a spiritual journey, you can put sex on hold for a little while, because the journey is internally, to the soul level.

And that made me realize how wonderful the act of sex actually is.

Think about it. We don’t have perfect bodies – in fact, our bodies can be really funny and odd. Still, the right chemistry connects one person to another, and they come together in bliss for total release.

Release frees us from stupidity and drama and grudges and misery. Release brings you back to peace. To focus. To the knowing that everything is good and everything is alright and always will be.

The challenge is to find many ways for release, not just sex.

Yoga brings release in so many wonderful ways. It brings you back to peace. It lets you live in peace. All day, every day.

Katherine Austin, my lovely friend and yoga teacher and client, says everything is energy and yoga moves the energy, so it doesn’t get bottled up. 

The best thing we can hope for, and really we shouldn’t settle for anything less, is a relationship that has it all – spiritual, sexual and practical. We know too well that a physical attraction does not make a solid enough foundation for a lasting relationship.

But without that component, it’s bound to fail, too.

Balance, like we learn in yoga, is the answer. Never going too far to an extreme. Never eliminating an urge or a desire entirely but maintaining balance between all – feeding those desires, appreciating those desires, standing in awe of the miracle of these desires and their ultimate conclusions.

It’s not a physical thing. It’s a miracle.

Yoga is total acceptance of the world as it is. Everything is such a blessing and we almost take everything for granted. This very life, this very body, is an incredible gift. I hope we all can appreciate it.

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