I’ve been studying Vedanta philosophy for the past two months and it is transforming my life, my work and my relationships.

The messages are simple and clear:

Do work for work’s sake.

Do what you CAN do and stop worrying about what you can’t do. From a place of what you CAN do, you will be able to do more.

Love is universal identification, not individual preference.

Have an attitude of gratitude.

Forgive on the spot.

In a relationship, focus on your duty. Give, rather than take.

Those are little easy nuggets, but the message is far deeper and profound. It’s a lasting approach to LIFE and to truly living. And I recommend just dipping your toe in if you want any chance of success and happiness.

One immense by-product of our society today is DRAMA. Everyone spins out of control with dramatic interpretation, emotion-flinging and roiling in the woe-is-me drama of it all. Of anything. In the workplace, between friends, at home.

And it doesn’t need to happen. That’s the easy secret. It’s all in our minds. And if we can just shut up those niggling voices, we will be so much better off.

It’s not about you, it’s not about me, it just IS. Think about that. Ingest it. Carry it on your tongue. Nothing is personal unless we make it so. It’s how we interpret things that get us into trouble.

Personal attachment – that’s a downfall, friends. We can love, we can cherish, we can mourn when we lose, but if we are to lead happy lives, we must use the earth around us, not depend upon it.

Today will be 87 degrees in Michigan. Bright sun. The plants will settle in the wind. Tomorrow it’ll be milder, in the mid-70s. Today is a good day and so is tomorrow.

Universal Identification. Try it sometime.

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