After a Weekend of Giving…

I have been learning about setting a higher ideal to guide my days and my thoughts, and it is advice well-received. Focusing on the greater good eliminates worry of self. Or at least it should.

On Saturday, we strolled through the bustling Royal Oak Farmers Market, supporting local farms, buying produce to guide our meals through the week ahead, investing $2.50 in a paw paw fruit just to try a native crop new to us but long growing in our home state.

Its meat was custardy and sweet, a mix of banana and vanilla and small hints of pineapple. After removing the thick black seeds, I scooped a spoon through the flesh and easily pulled out bites to melt on the tongue. A new pleasure from something old. Discoveries when we thought we knew everything.

It rained all day Saturday, with gloomy gray clouds above. But it was a wonderful day. We ran here and there, hither and yon, crossing to-dos off our list, accomplishing tasks we’d long meant to cover.

Yesterday, a busy day under full sun and brisk wind. Two clients staged big important events – the Joe Cornell Event Planning EXPO and ORT Michigan’s Camp Hermelin. How lucky am I to work with such wonderful companies day in and day out?

And in between, my favorite of all activities this fall – I coached Shaya’s soccer game at noon on the still-wet field. I have never surrendered so completely to anything, even burgeoning motherhood so many years ago. Why now?

Perhaps I am better able to understand, to see, to truly be – now that I have found a philosophy to get me in check.

When I am on the soccer field, whistle around my neck, ball under my foot, children running up and down the field with complete allegiance to their team and listening in perfect form to my instructions, I am nowhere else. I am wholly in the moment, eyes forward, mind silenced.

I have no worry or anxiety, no plans or to-dos. I am there, in the moment, simply being and appreciating fully this beautiful life.

Swamiji says in Governing Business and Relationships that children have passion and energy because they are not riddled with worry and anxiety. They play, they feel, they absorb the moments – and they don’t concern themselves with whether everything will be alright in the next minute. They just know it to be true.

I am grateful for this gift of coaching for it has instilled in me the selfless spirit that is essential for every single human. Now, onward to my day, to give and to receive, to surrender and to feel. Make it a good one, my friends.

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