Are You Doing Your Absolute Best?

It’s the question that should spearhead every single day. Work, family, play, concentration. If it is truly the best you can do, you are where you should be.

The problem is, we don’t always strive to our ability. We take easy outs, lazy fall-backs. And then it’s our own fault when the result is less than pleasing.

It happens with our kids, but it happens with adults, because we never resolve these issues from childhood.

Who let us off easy? Back then, it was our parents’ responsibility to hold us accountable – so that one day, we’d hold ourselves accountable.

So that’s what I’m doing with my kids. If it’s your absolute best, I’m happy. If it’s not, get it together.

Because one day, it won’t be my voice in their heads, but their own. And if their voice allows any level of shluffing along, then I won’t have succeeded in my job as mom.

As for the rest of us, when we show up at work, are we entirely showing up? Are we doing everything possible, everything within our talent, coming from the heart, striving to get the best possible outcome?

I don’t care if you own the business or punch a clock. That’s our charge, each and every day. Anything less is just not acceptable.

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