30 Things to do Before You Die

I saw this article on MindBodyGreen recently and of course, the title alone drew me in. There are countless articles about all the things you must do, places you must visit, before your life ends. They create a sense of urgency, and a sense of perspective, so we read them from our warm homes in our predictable lives and think, yes, one day, I will do those things. One day…

So when will that day come?

Will we actually hit a point where we quit working and throw caution to the wind and just go? Or will life continue at its predictable pace with its routine and expectations and just run out eventually, our grandchildren and great-grandchildren gathered around our deathbed?

The thing that struck me most about this article was the assertion that all the things on the list are connected by “an innate yearning to belong and to feel love. When we do what we love, we become an expression of love and our happiness is infectious.”

So the article says that all the activities on a list are things that create a sense of happiness and self-worth, personal accomplishment and serenity. 

There’s an idea that we must live life to the fullest – rather than make a list of the things that would accomplish that for some day, let’s incorporate them today. In every day. With everything we do.

I suggest we start by evaluating the work we do every day and see if there is anything about it that touches our souls. Are you happy in your work? If not, don’t you think it’s time to change what you do?

Think about it. If you did what you loved every day, you’d never work a day in your life – as the saying goes. If you were drawn to work, you’d be happy, doing what you do, day in and day out. In fact, on this author’s list, #5 is “Leave the job you hate.” Amen.

A few others on her list really resonate with me. They are:

Stop worrying about debt.

Look in the mirror and love yourself unconditionally. (Try this. Say it out loud to your reflection. It is not as easy as you think.)

Don’t feel guilty for weight gain.

Let go of your past.

Stop trying to change people.

Yesterday, I walked into a spiritual store in Ferndale and as Asher and I strolled around looking at crystals and prayer flags, I heard the very young proprietor at the counter rant about how her mother is not spiritual at all, she doesn’t believe in God, etc. She said these words about the woman who gave her life with such disdain and judgment, I had to speak up. (After all, you get to your 40s, and you just know you have to speak rather than remain silent!)

As I paid for the two crystals to hang above my altar, I very gently said, “I heard you talking about how your mother isn’t spiritual.” She nodded and smiled. “I know how you feel,” I continued. “But you were brought together for a reason. You have something to teach her and she has something to teach you.”

I went on to kindly tell her that we don’t become truly spiritual until we stop judging others. I said it nicely, really, but I felt that the confusion over being spiritual and looking down your nose at others needed clarifying.

Also on the list…

See the world as a beautiful, safe, and loving place.

See everyone as equals.

Give up all attachments to stuff. (As I salivate over the delivery of my fancy new couch this Tuesday…)

It’s a journey, this thing called life. And we are here each for our own unique purpose. We are all special. Every single person has a vision and a mission and we have to honor that as we walk past, not with our gaze to the ground but with our heart wide open.

A wise friend, Katherine Austin, keeps saying all there is to do is love. What if that were true?

Could you live like it is?

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