12-12-12 – an auspicious day

Yesterday, I posted a picture of a new plaque of Ganesha, the Hindu elephant god, on my social media channels because I was so excited that it had finally arrived from India. The wall beside my desk at work awaits – the perfect spot for a gorgeous image of the remover of obstacles, the swirl of dancing, guiding energy of Ganesha.

A Facebook friend posted a comment: Why Ganesha? Are you converting to Hinduism?

Um, no. To convert means to change your identity from one path to another, wholly standing within a new path. You take on the garb and the language and the beliefs and the rituals of the new path and abandon the old.

You see, I don’t find it necessary to convert to anything. I am me in my soul and that is enough.

There is spirituality and inspiration and beauty everywhere. I can take it all in. I can read scripture from many faith traditions and be guided by the wisdom therein. I can respectfully debate and discuss and deconstruct passages and quotes without having to sign on as only following one stream.

I was born Jewish for a reason. There are no coincidences. I observe the Jewish holidays, take wisdom from my own Scriptures, feel a sense of family among my brethren. I belong to a Jewish synagogue. I go to services. I light the menorah, bringing light into the darkness, this week of Hanukkah.

But that doesn’t mean I must have blinders on and only do Jew.

To think that because I bought a beautiful piece of art depicting the Hindu god of Ganesha means that I must convert, now, drop everything, become Hindu, is so incredibly silly.

Today is the last of the identical dates (12-12-12) since this millennia started on 1-1-2001. Next Friday, the solstice will usher in a new age of higher consciousness, where we will finally realize this rapid-speed interconnectedness that began with the industrial revolution.

We are raising ourselves up and elevating everything we do. It is an auspicious time that I am so excited to be part of.

Does that mean I need to convert and plant my feet in one garden?

Absolutely not.

Come on, people – let’s look beyond the limits of outward identity. It’s time to look inward. To BE who we were meant to be.

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