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After working for so long in PR & Marketing, it’s strange to find myself on the other side of the camera or interview.  Because of my Marketing career, I know how important it is to share my expertise and gifts with the world – that’s the only way we can impact others!

So here is a taste of some of the media that have featured me as a leader, entrepreneur, writer and devoted mom.
Interview with Lynne Golodner By Diane Gottlieb
Author Q & A with Lynne Golodner
Lynne Golodner, Metro Detroit Mom and Owner of Your People LLC
One Earth Writing invites teens to apply for 2018 ambassadors program
Teen Writers Wanted
One Earth Writing invites teens to apply for 2018 ambassadors program
Teen Ambassadors Program
One Earth Writing invites teens to apply for its 2017-2018 Ambassadors Program
Teens Write About Hopes, Dreams and Despair
Detroit-Area Creative Writing Group Seeks Teen Ambassadors
Jews in the D
Lynne Golodner recognized as Fulbright Specialist
People On The Move: Lynne Golodner
Article from Corp! Magazine
Author and teacher add one more accolade to her resume: Fulbright Specialist
Detroit area writing group graduates first class
Detroit-area teen writing group graduates first class
One Earth Writing shows teens are all the same
Student writing program promotes tolerance
One Earth Writing shows teens are all the same
Writing program for students promotes tolerance
One Earth Writing teaches teens how storytelling can bridge cultural gaps
Freedom Writers Screening
Fundraiser to aid young writers connecting despite their differences
Article from Corp! Magazine
Local writer watches teens, understanding blossom with nonprofit
One Earth Writing teaches teens how storytelling can bridge cultural gaps
New Detroit-area writing group seeks ambassadors
Beyond the protests: How to help refugees in Michigan
60-plus refugees bound for Mich. face closed borders
One Earth Writing launches to build bridges of understanding through storytelling
Power of the Pen
Being a Mompreneur: A conversation with Lynne Golodner
Lynne Golodner to be honored with Best of MichBusiness 2015 award
Article from Corp! Magazine
A mix of faith, hard work and family drives this One Person Wonder
Your People founder honored by State Business Group
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Lynne on Small Talk with Mark S Lee

Lynne’s segment begins at 16:40 in the audio clip below.

Lee Group · Small Talk with Mark S. Lee – July 28th, 2019

TV Interviews on CW50 Detroit’s Street Beat

CW50 Detroit’s Street Beat Detroit’s Street Beat

Lynne talks about her book (Stand Out from the Crowd) and her business, Your People LLC. 2 Detroit
Lynne discusses client Karma Yoga 7 WXYZ
Lynne shares her 40 things birthday list

2012 Women Entrepreneurs Conference

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