They sat on chairs and couches in my living room, ready to read and hear feedback on their work. Their incredible work. Lines of prose and paragraphs that build to a story, to a peak, to a pinnacle, to a message.

Last night was session 5 of my fall writer’s workshop, and it was a grand night. The women who showed up really showed up – sharing writing that came from the soul and was poised to help the world find meaning in the mundane.

I have to say, I love this workshop. For one, it’s a great group of talented people. And, I love to guide people in their writing – it helps get more voices in the world, important voices, with messages of meaning that can truly transform all of us who read them.

My winter writer's workshop is now open for registration - join us!
My winter writer’s workshop is now open for registration – join us!

This year, I’ve gotten back to teaching writing, and I am so happy about it. My summer writing and yoga retreat gave way to the fall writer’s workshop and in the winter, I’ll be offering another 6-session writer’s workshop and a 21-day writing challenge to inspire people to make writing a habit. (That one is available to anyone, anywhere, as it’s a virtual seminar with lots of support. Stay tuned for details.)

I’ve taught in so many places, but the most rewarding writing-teaching I’ve ever done is with adults. That’s because they want to be there, they choose to be there, to deepen their sense of self, to master their craft, to find their voice.

So often, we get drowned out by the clutter and noise around us. We can’t hear ourselves speak, let alone think, and before long we have lost the unique voice that allows us to contribute to the world.

So we spend our lives clawing our way back to Self, searching for what really matters to us, and how we can spend our days making a difference.

The written word is a powerful medium. The way this idea pairs with that action to convey a whole thought, a thought that transports us above time and place into the heart.

quoteWhat better pursuit can there be than perfecting the art of communication? It connects us to others, builds community, lays a groundwork of thought and fact and emotion that is unparalleled.

One woman wrote about bridging the language barrier on the beach in Hungary, and finding identity through food. One woman wrote about accompanying her husband to a motorcycle festival whose sounds, sensations and sights were inspiring and intense. Another wrote about how it’s a strength to constantly “fix” oneself, even if others around us see it as odd and don’t understand this constant striving to perfect who we are.

And one woman wrote about the concept of home, home of origin, homes we build, the ever-evolving definition of where home is.

I can’t imagine a loftier pursuit than sharing my evening with these fine writers and guiding their journey.

[Registration is open for my 2015 winter writer’s workshop. Go here to join us!]

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