Understanding Your Customer

Kettlebell-000055753560_Full She’d laid out jump ropes wrapped around a high bar, Bosu balancing platforms, hand weights and weighted balls. The second-floor exercise deck near the track at the YMCA was outfitted with every toy and prop my personal trainer Sandy could think of.

“I’ve figured you out,” she said. “You get bored. So I’m mixing it up.”

We had worked out Monday morning early, while it was still dark, and I just wasn’t into it. Perhaps it was the pitch-black of the before-dawn day, or maybe it was the worries on my mind from a weekend of unsettled kids.

Whatever the reason, I just couldn’t get into the fun of the session.

Come Thursday, Sandy was determined to make it fun. To entice me. To keep it interesting.

Yes, she’s right, I get bored easily. And when it comes to working out, boredom is a killer. I just won’t do something that doesn’t feel fun.

After two months of working together, we are getting to know one another.

But it’s more than that. She’s looking for ways to satisfy the customer.

Not only to keep me coming back – but to make it a worthwhile investment of time, energy and resources.

Fitness-Balls-with-Weights-000060589810_FullShe wants to know ME. What makes me tick. What grabs my attention.

And that, my friends, is the mark of a good business sense.

When people come to me for public relations support, I caution them that nothing lasting happens overnight. I explain that it’s going to take time to build a momentum that will eventually build itself.

It’s an investment – in themselves, in their work, in the trajectory of their business.

If you don’t give it the proper time, you’ll never see results.

Which could be said for virtually anything we endeavor to do.

Results just don’t come overnight. You have to stick with something to see it produce fruits.

Sandy laid out all her props and toys and frankly, it looked like a makeshift torture chamber. But I was touched. Honored. Encouraged.

She cared enough about me, about keeping me as a client, to go the extra mile to create something I would enjoy.

That is the mark of a good business sense.

And a caring person.

It was far more fun that day with all the tools and the workout went by before I could notice. I felt like a new bond had developed between us – now I knew that she cared about me and my satisfaction. It was FUN.

Health & Fitness come from happiness and engagement. It's not just about getting my body in shape. It's about feeling purpose and meaning in life. And like you matter.
Health & Fitness come from happiness and engagement. It’s not just about getting my body in shape. It’s about feeling purpose and meaning in life. And like you matter.

Hard yes, but worth it.

We can look at our work as a job we do, or we can look at it as an opportunity to change the world. To make a difference, one person at a time.

Most of us don’t do work that truly saves the world. We aren’t ending global warming or eliminating¬†poverty or disease.

Most of us plod along in ordinary lives doing our part, a small bit really, toward making a difference.

It’s the little things that lead to big things.

One satisfied customer leads to another satisfied customer, and eventually that builds a community of happy people.

It’s that easy. If we have the right intentions.

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