So how’s it going this week with my communication skills?

Excellent. Gotta love the phone.

Seriously, though, in several instances, I adopted a different approach than in the past, picked up the phone, and had a heart-to-heart conversation rather than a get-it-done business interaction and the results were as warming as my morning cup of coffee.

It underscores the core truth that people do business with people, and we are heart-centered beings above all else. 

In this new era, things are happening faster than ever. I had said for a long time that I wanted to do more speaking engagements, help groups of people rather than just individuals to grow their businesses in meaningful ways, and I am seeing it manifest all over the place.

Yesterday I learned that I have been selected as a breakout session speaker for Walsh College‘s Entrepreneur YOU program on February 13th. In March, I am flying to Atlanta to be the marketing speaker for the Fred Astaire Dance Company franchise owners conference. 

In June, I will give a half-day session on business development for NAWBO, the National Association of Women Business Owners. It’s happening, and it’s happening fast. Put it out into the universe what you want to happen, and you will see it fly.

Last week, what I wanted was to slow down and communicate clearly with others – amazed, still, that I was tripping over the words that I love so dearly and have always preferred. Boom. This week, magic.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t frustrating communications. I’ve received a few unsettling emails – but rather than react, I’ve picked up the phone and related to the heart of the matter, the person behind the emotions, the worry, the fear, the concern, the hurt. 

Everyone falls prey to it once in a while, even when we try to maintain a business mask. 

And the abundance just follows. Every day I’ve received a call from someone who wants to sign on as a new client. Every day, I’ve had brainstorms for how I can practically and quickly scale my business. Every day, I’ve had visions of what it means to grow this type of business, where I’m headed, how it looks, how it feels.

It all happens when you truly want it. Close your eyes and imagine where you want your business to go – that’s the first step. It actually is possible. Anything is.

Next month, I get three glorious days alone in sunny San Diego to work with business guru Ted McGrath. A huge leap to invest in my business that way but you know, I never blinked when considering it. I just knew it was the right thing to do. 

And then, the excitement set in. I am that much closer to getting to the next level in my business and in my life. Plus, three days alone in southern California? Can’t beat that.

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