Tonight is the charity preview for the North American International Auto Show, Detroit’s big automotive splash. It’s a black-tie shindig that tons of my friends attend year after year, and even one good friend invited me and Dan to an after-party.

And the truth is, I’d rather be home with my honey, enjoying some down time, than out and about networking and hobnobbing.

Does this make me a bad PR person? Or a good human? Or neither?

Not that I need to judge myself or anyone else for that matter. But truly, I am in a field where pressing the flesh and exchanging words is crucial for business growth.

I’ve always been a one-on-one person. I love to sit across a table or a desk with another person, look into their shining eyes and hear about their dreams and goals. I love client meetings, the intensity and the intimacy, the synergy we build in working together toward their growth and creativity.

I love writing. You already know that. I love when a client asks me to put into words what they are trying to convey.

I love being part of a movement that impacts people and communities with integrity.

I don’t love dishing out business cards like a Vegas casino.

So I’m not going tonight and I respectfully declined my friend’s after-party invitation. Knowing me, if I did go, I’d have a ball. Once I get to wherever I’m going, I’m glad I went.

But the real me, underneath all the external layers, is someone who likes the slow pace of getting to know someone authentically and with truth. That can’t happen in a crowded ballroom. It can with deliberate attention to detail.

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