Promoting Me – Being on the Other Side of Things

I’m nervous.

This morning, I make my TV debut as a subject of interest rather than promoting subjects of interest. I will not be standing behind the camera giving the thumbs-up sign and a wide grin to a nervous client. I will be the nervous client the camera is focused on, as I weave dough into a braided loaf and talk about my new book, The Flavors of Faith: Holy Breads. 

Earlier this week, my interview with WDET 101.9 FM radio host Craig Fahle aired to great acclaim. That was easy. I sat in a booth with headphones covering my ears and a big puffy microphone in front of my face. We taped it, so I knew if I stumbled or said “um” too much, we could double-back and do another take. (By the way, here is that interview.)

Plus, Craig gave me a hearty 12.5 minutes to discuss the journey of my book and the meaning behind so many breads. Today, I have 4+ minutes on Channel 2, My Fox Detroit, and I have to work with the dough while discussing with the interviewer.

Live. (P.S. In the 10 a.m. hour if you want to tune in.)

I know this stuff cold. It’s a topic I am passionate about and which I live every day. I’ve given this talk already several times.

So why am I nervous?

It’s easy promoting others. From a distance, you can see the beauty and brilliance in another person’s work or idea or just in who they are.

It’s far harder to toot your own horn.

To be fair, the marketing director for my publisher, Jane Wells, is the one who sent out the books to the media with a press kit and a plea for some media attention. She’s the one pitching me. Thank God.

But I’m the one who has to smile on-air and be eloquent and delightful and interesting and tantalize the senses and the sense of meaning deep in every person when the media is interested in taking the pitch and running with it.

It’s a tall order. But I wrote this book for a reason and it wasn’t just to tell the stories about how bread is meaningful and symbolic and special to my children and husband.

I wrote this book to show the world how we are all, at the core, similar, we all find meaning in little bites of fresh-baked bread, we all elevate our moments by nourishing others.

To tell that story in the hope that more people will build bridges between their beliefs and communities and stop the animosity and acrinomy that difference breeds.

So perhaps that’s why I’m nervous. It’s not a small task, by any stretch of the imagination, to work toward world peace. (Did you ever think that could be the focus of a book on bread?)

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