Listen to the Messages – They’re Loud and Clear

At my company, we do a lot of different things to help our clients build business. A big one of course is media outreach, or in PR speak, media relations.

So this month we have an inordinate amount of clients with media pitches and stories to tell. All. At. Once. What that translates to is my small team calling the same media professionals with whom we have mutually respectful relationships with many stories at once.

Not easy to navigate! And of course, we don’t want to be greedy.

But with the purview of getting exposure for our clients about worthy initiatives or perspectives they offer, we eagerly contacted, followed up and then some in the hopes of landing a few placements.

Yesterday it hit overload. A media professional pushed back – giving me the benefit of our long relationship to breathe a little and correct the direction – and I stopped in my tracks.

What is the universe telling us?

You know, when things happen, and the same situations keep presenting themselves, it’s up to us to look at the details and suss out the message. What are we supposed to learn? 

In this case, it’s clear to me that it’s time to slow down and remember all the many programs that are part of public relations – not just focus on media outreach. That’s an important tool, yes, and many people think PR is JUST media.

It’s not.

There are so many aspects to building a business, all of which work together toward a gradual build for long-term sustainable success. Nothing happens overnight. So if we’re pushing pushing pushing, we must ask ourselves, What’s the rush?

Nothing lasting happens fast. And if we forget that this is a people business – heck, EVERY business is a people business! – then we are losing sight of the meaning behind the madness.

What’s the message?

It happens in our personal lives and in the workplace. Recognize the signs and listen to the universe. It’s guiding you whether you want it to or not.

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