Tonight is the last time my fall 2014 writers workshop will gather to share words, offer feedback and encouragement, and feel a part of something meaningful and focused. I have a surprise for each lovely participant as a tantalizing farewell in the hope that they will keep writing and spice it up.

This year I’ve spent a lot of time teaching writing. Throughout my career, my writing has been consistent while my teaching of the craft has ebbed and flowed. In the beginning, I juggled multiple college writing (and reading) classes, and then children came along and the teaching was more hands-on, if you know what I mean.

Years later, I returned to the classroom as a complement, a supplement, to my creative professional work.

I love the interaction that teaching provides. I love discussions that ensue, thoughts that arise, brainstorms that come out of benign meetings, a love for the written word that flowers unexpectedly.

Me, personally, I love words. My first client and I would sit and debate nuance of paragraph and sentence and even punctuation for blogs, and I really thought that work was not even work at all, but a dream.

Register for the winter 2015 writers workshop at
Register for the winter 2015 writers workshop at

So while tonight ends the fall workshop, and this year of 2014 comes to a close in just about six weeks, it is the beginning of a flourishing of teaching writing for me, in new ways and venues, with an eager and talented group of aspiring writers.

In January, I have two new programs starting: a writers workshop (also 6 sessions) and a 21-day writing challenge. I consider it the perfect combination to get people writing and they’re affordable programs, so it is quite possible to do both.

The challenge is a kick-in-the-pants write-every-day opportunity to make writing a habit. Participants will receive daily emails with writing prompts and tips for publishing plus support from an online private forum where they can share their writing and connect with others. We’ll also have a weekly Q&A call.

Register for the 21 day writers challenge at
Register for the 21 day writers challenge at

The workshop is another intimate gathering of a small group of writers, face to face, word to word, heart to heart. No more than 10 can participate there, but for the challenge, we can have as many as want in.

I am also working on my 2015 writing + yoga retreat in northern Michigan (soon to be announced!) and a 2016 writing + yoga retreat in Israel. Somewhere in there, I’d like to do a retreat in Sedona.

Are you in? Have you always been curious about going on retreat to find yourself?

It is a wonderful opportunity – which can happen right at home, in the form of my January programs, and it can happen by going away to unfamiliar places and discovering yourself.

I love this teaching of writing. I love being immersed in the milieu of writers – ideas bouncing about and passionate artists sharing their unique ways of weaving words so that they say something completely new to a hungry, waiting audience.

Join me. You won’t regret it.

Register here for the workshop.

Register here for the challenge.

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