How to Get More Readers on Your Blog

Blogging is part art, part science.

I write this blog to keep my writing chops honed and to build a platform for my voice. Who knows where it will lead? There was never any intention to monetize this blog, just to write and write daily, write well, write so people would read.

But if no one sees it, it’s like the question about a tree falling in a forest that no one hears – does it really happen?

On 12-12-12, I wrote a spontaneous blog about this incredible coming together of artists and musicians in New York to raise money to benefit those struck horribly by Superstorm Sandy. I put in the title of the blog the URL for the concert website – really, just so that if people hit on the blog, they’d know where to go to give.

And the thing is, that when you are not trying to game the system, to sneak in the back door and manipulate the Internet for your own purposes, it surprises you with abundance. More than 1,300 people read that blog because I put the URL in the title.

I already knew that you have to be savvy and use keywords that make sense for the blog you’re writing in the title. Sometimes pull out famous keywords to give a little more prominence to your blog in searches. 

It’s not fraud; it’s savvy. As long as the title relates to the post, you’re clean. 

As a marketer, I walk a fine line between integrity and manipulation. I always err on the side of integrity, even if it means fewer hits, fewer views, fewer anything. I don’t want to pull tricks and tactics just to make the client happy; I’ve always wanted to proceed with sincerity.

That’s the thing with marketing: you must understand the vehicle you’re using to tell your story and use it appropriately. The title does matter. It can be the difference between lots of views and sheer oblivion. And if you have something to say, oblivion is not the place to reside.

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