The credit card charge was higher than I had expected, and so I called the company to find out what was up.

“Oh, it’s in the contract you signed,” the phone representative said. Really? I saw $29.95 every three months, not $38.95 every month.

“It’s in the fine print of the contract that you signed when you clicked ‘agree,'” he said somewhat defensively.

Fine print. I don’t know about you, but I call that sneaky. If you want to charge an amount, say it up front. Be bold. Be honest. Believe your product is worth that. But really, give all the information. Don’t sneak it in.

We all have documents that highlight some information and downplay others. It’s the way of the world. The details we get nervous about, though, are the details we really need to focus on.

Why, exactly, do you feel hesitant to charge that? Is it not quite the right price? Then don’t charge it.

Be bold about what you want. It’s the way of the world. Hiding and omitting and going in the back door won’t get you anywhere.

Lots of people comment that I am direct in my comments. Yes, I am. Some people hate that. Some people hate me for it. Others say, it’s just the way I am, and I love those people for letting me be me.

But I really don’t understand why anyone would tiptoe around the truth? I mean, can’t we take it?

Last week, our lovely Israeli tour guide emailed and asked if he had done something wrong. On the contrary! We loved him and his expertise in taking us around Israel and showing us so many different histories and stories.

Why, I asked? Apparently the tip we gave him was insultingly low. He didn’t use those words – I did. We were given bad advice. Of course, we quickly rectified the problem and wired him the proper amount.

I am so glad he spoke up. Some people might say, what nerve! What gall! How dare he!

But no. Ask for what you want and deserve.

It’s the only chance you have of ever receiving it.

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