I’ve been around so many people these days, and I have to say I love it.

Watch this: Habitat Day of Prayer video

Today, it was first the energetic team at Habitat for Humanity of Oakland County, a client and a meaningful organization with a mission to guarantee safe, affordable housing for all. We gathered around the table to brainstorm the video script for their upcoming signature event.

Then it was on to the office, with its own hubbub of activity, and a meeting with a new client about how to help her harness her vision and make it real. I love this. It’s getting in the dirt with people and not minding if our hands are dirty or our faces are streaked but just knowing that with heart and passion, we can make something meaningful and contribute to each other’s lives.

That’s the point of all this. Funny thing, we thought we were doing work. Nope. We are changing the world.

For those of you shaking your heads, I challenge you. What’s so wrong with aiming to change the world? Really? What if the contribution you can make with your own talent and passion could really change the world for the better?

What then? Isn’t that better than merely collecting a paycheck?

After the meeting, it was a surprise call with a potential client and we got into it like we’d known each other for a while. Good vibes. Because it’s all heart-based and genuine.

It’s so funny – my goal with my upcoming conference and my monthly Power Tables was to help people become empowered enough to do some of their own PR. Not to be all gimme-gimme-gimme, and demand that no one can do it better than I. That’s hooey.MMM Logo

I can do what I can do, and everyone out there needs what I have to offer. But also, plenty of people can do this as well. What kind of person would I be if I hoarded it all to myself? One gunning for the money, not to really help people.

And the thing of it is that now that I want to empower and educate people with their own skills, they’re all wanting to sign on with me in the old model. Funny stuff. I just want to help, and I can’t possibly service everyone. I don’t want to. I want to see people soar, and it doesn’t have to be me claiming the credit.

So back to the question in this title. What is your vision? You don’t have to be running a company or even working at all. What is the vision for your life?

And if you don’t have one, let’s start working on that.

Vision is all about how you want to contribute, what you can uniquely offer to make the world a better place. It’s how you want your life to go, the values that will align to help you make the right choices in everything.

It may seem silly to write a vision for your life. I don’t think it is. Actually, I think it’s quite brilliant.

If every single one of us were deliberately walking through our days with clarity and a focus on contribution, how would that change the world?

Something to think about.

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