Below the Surface & Between the Lines

On the surface of the ocean, waves crest and swell, dip down and repeat. It’s a constant action, a huge movement, and if you get caught up in it, you risk being swept out to sea, unable to paddle back through the current to shore.

In a pool, we don’t feel it quite as much. The depths are only so deep. In the ocean, the depths are infinitely calm and most of us will never get deep enough to know it.

It’s a metaphor, of course, for the pits and swells of life. Most of us choose to get caught up in the drama of the waves, although most of us never quite realize it. The point of meditation as I’ve learned it is to dip under the variation of the waves and reside at the calm of the deep.

Sometimes a pipe really is a pipe.

Think about how much energy goes into ruminating over stupid stuff. And how much better it would be to devote that energy into something personally rewarding – writing or cooking or putting up a bat house on a north-facing tree in the yard to make my son happy and help the environment.

A stroll through a farmers market. Time spent alone with my father on a Wednesday morning because we can. The freedom to know yourself deeply and live your destiny.

The way you get lost in a song performed live on a stage by a musician who is so swept up in the rhythm and the lyrics and the soul-reaching melody.

We are practiced at never feeling too deeply about the right things, erecting a shield around us for fear of getting hurt. And we are not not at all conversant in stopping the drama, putting it on a shelf and focusing on what really matters.

Sometimes a pipe is, truly, just a pipe.

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