Stop Selling Yourself Short

It is amazing how many people stand in their own way.

I have just a couple spots left in my upcoming PR Bootcamp and several people are interested. We have more interest than seats available because I want to keep the program intimate, focused and full of attention for each participant.

And yet, the hesitation to commit is astounding. Here is a program which has the potential to totally transform a person’s business as well as their perspective on how to do business. If they give it their all, it will take them so far. New clients, increased revenues, greater satisfaction in their personal work.

What is that worth? In my opinion: priceless. But seriously. If you get ONE new client out of it, who gives you steady work for months or a year or longer, you’ve paid back your investment. And the amount you’ll gain in referrals from that one client, even moreso.

So what’s the hold up?


I hear the same excuses every day: time and money. Those are the most used excuses in the book. Money comes and money goes and the truth is, the cost of educating oneself and improving what you do is a great investment in YOU.

And as for time, we’re so busy scurrying around, checking off our to-do lists, never having enough time to do proper self-care (when did you last go to yoga? the gym? have a massage? take a quiet hour to read a book and sip a chai latte?) that I wonder what life would be like – what our work would be like! – if we stopped, eliminated the unnecessary tasks from our busy schedules and focused on what is really important.

But here’s the real kicker. Most people are working for the money. Gots to get paid. Working so they can pay their bills, send their kids to camp, get the bigger house, pay for the bigger house. There is no greater good in sight.

The goal is not to work to change the world or shift consciousness most of the time. It’s not collaborative, with their eye on something bigger, something that can truly heal the world and make a difference.

Doing a job is not enough. It’s imperative to inspire and transform and cooperate toward building something that can truly change the world.

That type of work is infectious. It’s priceless and people will pay big bucks for it.

If you believe you’re worth an hourly rate, you’ll only get an hourly rate.

If you believe you’re changing people’s lives – which is what happens when people work with me – then shoot high or go home.

People who play at a high level don’t give 80%. They’re all in. The people who are on the fence about my Bootcamp are not really nervous about paying the price to participate. They’re wondering if they can really commit to themselves to show up 100% of the time.

It has nothing to do with me.

I am just at the beginning of so many great programs that will inspire, transform and change people’s lives – not just the way they do business, but truly how they look at and live life. These prices are just-out-of-the-starting-gate prices. They’re bound to increase as more and more people demand a seat at the table. And they will.

So I thank and welcome simultaneously those courageous individuals who have dared to sign on in the early days, knowing that it is because of their trust in me and belief in themselves and desire to show up and jump in and give it their all that makes this world incredible, this work worth doing and anything possible.

Dare to dream? I have a seat right next to me.

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