Some months ago, I was at the kitchen table with my kids and my lovely babes kept uttering such profound messages, I felt it was God speaking through them right then and there.

That’s the thing with kids: no filter, no preconceptions, no bitterness, so they see incredibly clearly. 

Eliana’s brilliance: “I believe our life is a chapter book and bigger people are reading it.”


So possible, and so clear.

And another, from the same day. We were talking about something to do with World War II and the horrible Nazis (my boys are fascinated with 20th century wars) and Eliana commented that the worst part of the Nazis was “that they had no love in their hearts.”

Well, um, yes.

The first and only time my darling daughter meditated, she glimpsed one of her spirit guides in full detail and raised her vibration to such heights. And she didn’t even formally know how to meditate.

They are so high on the spectrum of awareness. 

The other day, Shaya was leafing through an age-appropriate picture book about cool cars – some very space-age looking ones, futuristic in every sense. There was a two-seater sporty thing and he exclaimed at how cool it was and how he’d drive such a car when he grows up.

And then he paused.

“But my kids won’t fit in this,” he said, deep in thought. “So I guess I can’t have it.”

Simple, done, fixed. Without family to love, what would such a car be worth?

Yes, they are young and there are so many years ahead when they will change and gain some of the hardness we have.

Or maybe they won’t.

You see, my goal as a mother is to empower my children to be their absolute best. Not make them into little molds of me.

I want them to surpass me, to reach untouched heights, to go where no one has dared to go before – whether in the real world or in the spiritual plane or beyond. I want them to live a life yet unimagined, trod a path unique.

I do a lot of parenting things the traditional way because I have to – but there are so many ways, little and big, when I depart from the norm. Because they are so incredible, so special, and I am so lucky to be their mother.

This parenting thing, it’s not about control. It’s about guiding these precious souls toward their undiscovered truths.

And it’s about listening to the wisdom in their sweet voices, and embracing it as my own. I am not the authority. My view is too muddled and complicated. Theirs is pure. It’s time to listen to them.

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