It’s done. We’re hitched. Forever together as we walk through life.

Saturday was the most amazing wedding ever and it was mine! Bright hot sun and the sound of waves lapping against the land. Children scurrying between rocks and grass, shimmying on the dance floor and jumping into the water fully-clothed.

My love, my husband Dan, smiled the whole night long. And I felt like life was just beginning – and like we had already found this place, the moment we came together.

It’s a curious thing, the roads we take to get to our destinations. Bumps, twists and bends, but we get there and once we arrive, it’s like a homecoming, even if the surroundings are unfamiliar.

In two days, I am back to work as usual – I sort of don’t want to be because, suspended in this in-between place of just married, the silence is crisp, the sunrise subtle and slow and the music soothing. How can I step back into a familiar world without succumbing to it, letting it take over? How can I be changed, different, not ruffled by the inevitable crashing waves of the everyday?

Sigh. It is an unanswerable question. Two days and then back to work. Two days to savor the silence.


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