Life Lessons Delivered Daily

Parent-teacher conferences are this week, and as I’m learning with my eldest child, sometimes school is not about book-learning. Sometimes it’s a lesson in navigating relationships.

In fact, most of life is exactly that. We do our jobs, write our papers, ace tests, get fit, whatever the goal toward productivity – but it’s the relationships that trip us up.

It’s easy to succeed at checking things off a list. Dealing with mood swings and personalities, though, that’s the challenge.

And yet, if we consider every person to be a mirror, to be an important lesson on our road to enlightenment, then we can’t get upset. We can’t blame the other person. We can’t wag fingers. It’s all a reflection of what our lesson is in this life and our path toward higher existence.

The other day in yoga, the teacher went on and on about how home is where the heart is, literally. Not to be cliche or annoying – just to say, look inside, you’re at home when you are comfortable in your own skin.

Ain’t that the truth?

When we whine and moan about person or place, we’re choosing to be dissatisfied. Last night, my daughter was in a sour mood and when we retreated to her room just the two of us and I asked her why she was so angry, she named several people who had been annoying her throughout the day.

I resolved some of the sibling scuffles, but I also talked with her about how it’s a choice to be annoyed. It’s a choice to blame another. It’s a choice to sit in a pool of anger.

It’s the easy choice, for some odd reason. I can’t quite understand it, though we all do it. Last Friday, when I had an exemplary day and then two little oddities threw me off toward the end, I focused on those last two annoyances instead of all the many wonderful moments of the terrific day.

Choices. How on earth do we benefit from being mired in muck?

When we have a clear choice of a higher vibrational existence, of living at the pinnacle, of seeing the best in everything and everyone – be it the state we live in, the candidate on the ballot, the silver lining in a sucky baseball game.

So today, on this sunny 76-degree Indian summer day, I am choosing the higher path. Today is going to be full of perfection and beauty and resilience. Of love. Of happiness. Of everything as it should be. That’s my mantra and I’m sticking by it.

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