Ever been to a business whose purpose is to tell you you’re messed up and they know how to fix you? So many are out there, playing into our darkest insecurities and fears, and making money at it.

What if they’re wrong?

Sure, we all have our issues. No one is perfect. But what if we accepted ourselves as we are, flaws and all, and focused on businesses that encourage, support, and affirm that yes, we are great as we are?

That’s my new mantra, personally and professionally.

We are all OK. We are all made in the image of the divine. We are all beautiful and perfect and lovable, even with the love handles and the lazy eyelid and the frizzy hair and whatever else.

You’re fine. I’m fine. We are great.

Let’s capitalize on that.

Here’s how it’s going to look: we surround ourselves only with the people who make us feel good in their presence. Banish the ones who criticize and question and pick apart the very essence of who we are.

We patronize businesses that have optimistic messaging and positive colors and inspirational slogans. We will watch TV shows that are beautiful and creative and smart (hint: PBS). We will read books and power down our smart phones and our technology every night.

We will wait 24 hours before responding to anyone (except for the kids).  We will refrain from gossiping. We will smile at every face we pass, say hello, hold the door just to be nice.

We will trust our instincts because that little voice inside is pretty damn smart. We will banish self-doubt. We will accept every wrinkle, every gray hair.

We will send handwritten notes to say thank you and wish others well. We will find a community where we feel we belong, and spend time there, and contribute our own talents to the greater good.

We will volunteer and donate. We will show appreciation to every single person who helps us. We will have enough self-esteem to not discount our talents and services, to not work for free, unless it is a personal choice to contribute by being of service.

We will walk in the sunlight and the gray light and the fresh air and the rainy air and the snow. We will breathe in big clumps of minty air, and thank God again and again for this day, this breath, this work in front of us. Even the long hours. Even the weekend.

We will sleep in the dark and be slow to wake and we will cherish our off-time so that we can see the balance in work and play.

We will enjoy life. We will appreciate and admire ourselves. We will show love to those around us. We will become love.

That’s how it’s going to be for me in 2015, and it’s going to be infused in my work, too. My writing workshops (www.yourppl.com) will be the place for people who want to feel good about themselves, and my work will focus on promoting the good in the world.

It’s the only way.

We’ve had enough with the businesses that tell you how messed up you are, and they alone hold the solution. Forget about it. If their purpose is to break you down, it’s because they’re broken themselves.

Reclaim purpose, passion and goodness. It’s right in front of you. Yours for the taking.

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