Happy 3rd Anniversary to My Love

wedding portraitThree years ago today, I married my meant-to-be.

All my life, I was looking for love. So much so that it was to the detriment of opportunities in my 20s and dreams in my teens. I wanted “the guy,” the family, the babies – more than the career, the independence, the ME.

So when I fell into a quick marriage at 28, I wanted it to be forever. I ignored the signs and the off-chemistry, and we jumped in and had three wonderful kids. But that ship sailed on rocky seas for eight years until I finally gained the confidence and strength to stand alone.

Lynne_Dan_0186When I divorced, I didn’t do it to find someone else. But deep down I hoped I would. I divorced at 37, so that would be a long, long life spent alone if I didn’t stumble upon someone for whom I was better suited to share my life.

That is Dan. From the minute we met, we knew it was something different. The chemistry just clicked – and ever since we met in the fall of 2009, we have been enjoying our time together.

Three years ago today, our children accompanied us down a grassy aisle to a lakeside chuppah and we pledged to love each other and support each other and spend the rest of our lives together. My brother and one of my brothers-in-law performed the marriage ceremony.

It was the hottest day of that summer – which is hard to believe today, with overcast skies and temps in the 60s.

engagement picI love my life with Dan. It’s still very much my own confident, strong life, but we just love being together. That’s the kind of love I always wanted.

And I am so grateful that I am lucky enough to have found it.

On this auspicious day, as he and I celebrate three years of wedded bliss, I wish for everyone in the world this kind of partnership. We have fun together. A weekend spent alone is never long enough.

And when I am worried or lonely or happy as can be, he’s the one I turn to.

Happy anniversary, my darling. Wishing love to the entire world.

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