Step together, step. Step together, step. Listen for the music. Move to the beat.

Put your arms like this – hold your torso straighter, taller, stronger. Look at the five touch points between you. The fifth point, body to body, isn’t always touching. The other four, in every dance.

Here’s how you turn her. Take her hand and direct her to turn under your arm. Then open your hand for her to return.

You have to be willing to return to him.

You have all the steps. Your structure is good. You’re missing the team work.

Dancing is all about teamwork. You can have the steps right. You can move to the beat. You can even look into each other’s eyes. If there is no teamwork, the dance cannot happen.

Here, flirt with him a little bit. You have to let him lead. Follow his direction. Let him take control.

I know it’s hard for you. But here on the dance floor, it’s the place where he can be in charge. Let him. Flirt with him. Glance at him on step four, into the turn. Remind him you’re here. Be sexy.

Dance is about teamwork.

Relationships are about teamwork.

Let him lead. Follow his lead. Move in unison. Move to the music.

Before the dance lesson, he turned to me from his folding chair and said, “I’m sorry I was cranky this morning. I’m just going to miss you.”

He says I lit up, that I was glowing when he said it. “If the kids can be cranky because you’re leaving, so can I.” Apparently I was glowing, glad to know that I’ll be missed.

I’ll miss you too, I said. And I’ll be back in two weeks. Two weeks from tomorrow.

I know, he said. Can you just let me miss you?

And so I did.

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