My friend Roz Kimbrough has cancer. It’s deep, dark and scary and she starts chemo next week.

I hate that young, vibrant, beautiful people that I know and love get this awful, mystifying disease. I hate that it’s so close to all of us and we have no idea why. I hate that we can try everything to be healthy and ensure long life and bam!, there it comes, hitting you smack in the face when you least expect it.

Like Crazy Sexy Kris Carr, we cannot let disease beat us. We are bigger than that, and we are here for a reason. And like I told my lovely friend tonight, we never know how long our journey is or where our path will take us – so we better live fully and live hard, this moment, every moment, because no one knows how many more they have. Cancer or not.

That’s the thing. Every day that you worry, fret, get angry, rant, vent and otherwise waste time, you are being indulgent. Arrogant. Blind.

Do you know that you’ll be here tomorrow? NO. Neither do I. I can guess, based on statistics and averages and my track record that yes, it’s likely, but who knows. And that’s the thing – none of us know anything.

There is only NOW. Always.

So grab life by its horns and take charge. You can let circumstances drive you or you can take the wheel and push the pedal to the floor.

I am organizing meals for my friend so she and her family do not have to worry about it. You can help. Whether you know Roz or not, make a meal or help someone else do it. It’s the least we can do as humans – nourish another.

Here is the link.

If you’re too shy to take food to a stranger, send me an email and I’ll make it happen. Our mission in life is to make a difference. If you haven’t quite yet, don’t worry – there is always the moment in front of you to turn the tide.

If you don’t know how to take the first step, give me a shout. I’ll hold your hand. It’s not hard and we will both be better for it.

Love you, Roz.

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