Believe in Love #SuperBowl50

Composition with floral heart and  psychedelic elementsI only watch for the halftime show and the commercials. I’ll be honest.

And so when the performance of Beyonce, Coldplay and Bruno Mars ends in a stadium filled with a simple message, to believe in love, I have to pause and ask, what is all this excess really about?

Personally, I’m no fan of the Super Bowl. All that hype and excessive spending for what? How many cars are you really going to buy, and is your decision in any way swayed by a cool commercial during the biggest football game of the year?

I hate football. I’m a soccer girl, and a hockey fan, two sports that take grit and can be played in just about any small town around the world. I even question why we are the only country to use the term football to mean something that the rest of the world does not share – are we that arrogant?

But then.

Beautiful, incredible storytelling in commercials that, yes, cost millions to make, but impart a message about what matters to all the people watching, right now.

The Jeep commercial with striking black and white portraits of beautiful, lined faces, pulls at the heart, melts you in its authenticity. It won’t make me buy a Jeep, but it’ll make me love people a little bit more.

All the superstars in all the commercials, dancing to the beat of their new releases, tossing barbs to make us laugh. What is it all for?

Heart shaped bokeh backgroundA message to believe in love? With Chris Martin’s Sanskrit writing on the rainbow-colored clothes and stage to let us know to breathe deeply and be mindful of what matters, avoiding what clearly does not?

All this hippy-speak has penetrated the collective consciousness, and for that I am grateful.

Commercials about finding peace, building community, climbing the heights and facing the challenges. Yes, I’m in. I’ll buy into the hype. Tell me more.

I didn’t make a nacho dip, and I didn’t fry up some wings. I’m in my flannel pajama bottoms and an old T-shirt, cuddled into bed with my boys, the volume turned up really loud so I don’t miss a beat or a word.

I’ll even grant Beyonce her skimpy outfits because I know we still live by a double standard in this world, and I’ll overlook it as Bruno Mars’ choreographed troop hops in their baggy pants because this message of loving one and all is so important. I’ll take it all.

You know what I feel tonight?

I feel content in the notion that we are all well-meaning and aimed at the same profound change.

The human heart seeks only to love and be loved in return. All of this mess that is the swirling craziness of our fast-paced lives is smoky cover over what lies below: a calm, silent meadow walk that ends in a conversation with a person you could love.

And I feel I could love just about anyone.

Young Couple in LoveIt’s easy when we sit in our locked homes, behind our computer screens and smart phones, to say that the other person did us wrong or a comment in passing truly broke your heart.

It takes only to look straight-on into another person’s eyes and see the glimmering heart wavering there, to know that their soul and your soul reside in the same place, to come to some universal understanding.

I am you.

You are me.

We are one and the same.

We hurt, we exclaim, we celebrate, we mourn.

We live the same lives, wearing different clothes, dying our hair different colors.

The arguments are the same.

The passionate moments look awfully alike.

You. Me. Them. Us.

A halftime show that ends in this message: believe in love.

Isn’t that what it’s all about, anyway?

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