I took a quick little break from blogging mainly due to the frenetic pace of the end of my family vacation. Yesterday, our last full day Up North, everyone was at loose ends. Kids bickering. My patience worn too thin. Family dysfunction rearing its ugly head, even though the love hovered beneath the surface.

By dinner time, my father’s 75th birthday family dinner ahead of us, several of the children were in tears. I almost was as well. Just too tired from so much fun all week. A clear clue that vacation was coming to a close.

The dinner was great and thank God we had a private room – ten grandchildren running in circles between tables, laughing uproariously and a woman’s recent upchuck in the tiny women’s bathroom (the pre-teens had to go outside on the patio for air). The lemon-raspberry cake bearing Happy 75th Birthday Papa was creamy and delicious, my father’s favorite flavors.

It was perfectly poetic that even Charlevoix had a water main catastrophe – the water was contaminated in this lake town and so we had to sip from bottles, the kids on the straws in their Shirley Temples.

Still, the cousins played cards late into the night and I packed for my business journey away on a tiny plane from Traverse City’s beautiful little airport early this morning.

Although my father felt sure the sun would already be out when we left at 5:15, it was dark as night. Almost in a stupor, I remarked to Dan as we careened an hour to the west how remarkable it is that the world simply stops when night falls. We all burrow into our blankets, close and lock our doors, shut the lights, and everyone, everything, well almost everything, falls silent.

Of course, I couldn’t sleep much last night. I kept waking to check on the time, as if before a final exam, or a plane flight.

And when I winged up into the clouds on that tiny jet, then walked the lengthy stretch between terminal B and terminal G in Minneapolis for my connection, I felt renewed. Tired, yes. Excited, yes.

I love to travel for work, especially alone. I love the quiet of my own hotel room and the penetrating warmth of the sun on my face with no one tapping my shoulder or calling for my attention.

I love my children desperately. And I love my husband even more for driving them solo four-plus hours south toward home, packing them up without me, letting me take to the skies with an open mind and an open heart, to see where the wind would take me.

It’s only been a few hours here in San Diego and I am already inspired.

A few pearls so far:

Don’t go wide – go deep.

Have faith in YES – if you want it to show up.

Leverage the relationships you have. Inspire people. Create an experience…then it’s not selling just for the money.

5 Things You Need to Make Money:

1. Have an identity.

2. Know what you are selling.

3. Have an influential offer.

4. Talk to enough people.

5. Ask for the cash.

If you don’t know your worth, how will you ever realize it?

Gotta go. The mind is so wide open – who knows what will fall in next?

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