Wow, I cannot believe I have written 700 blogs, as of today!

When I started this journey, it was a way to keep me writing on a regular basis and start to build a following. I have never been the journaling type, so I figured a daily place to spin my thoughts into words, with an audience waiting (hopefully!) would be the best motivation to keep my creative flair going.

I knew nothing about what would happen when I started this blog. But I have loved having a place to come and think and pontificate and be poetic.

When I went to graduate school for poetry, my parents understandably said, “Go to law school.” I mean, what hope for a high-paying career would I have with a degree in poetry? 

But I soldiered on and pocketed my MFA from Goddard College and went about writing as a journalist as I had been doing all along, only now I was adding college-teaching to the mix. 

I lived with words. I cried with words. I loved with words. Words swirled around me like a tornado, a blanket, a flurry of sprint flowers.

As I’ve evolved in my career, words have stayed the central focus, believe it or not. Yes, I train my days on public relations and marketing communications, but every client comes to me with a deep desire to perfect their messaging. Everyone has something important to impart. Everyone has a special skill or talent that the world needs. I help them tell their story. I help them see their brilliance.

When it was mostly poetry that I wrote, I was entrenched in the details, the colors, the sounds and scents, the feelings, the textures, the details of life. I try to get back there now, most days, because that is where our hearts live, that is where we find our meaning for life.

Clients think they are coming to me to build business. On the surface, of course, that’s the goal.

But really, we’re working on deepening our passion and finding a way to make our chosen careers reflect what we love, what we thrive on and what we do better than anyone.

In that milieu, we spring to life – a life so vibrant, it’s like looking at the sun.

So this, my 700th blog, is a testament to the power of words to change us deeply inside and to change the world.

It is also a testimony of gratitude – for all of you who anticipate my words and contribute to the conversation, and to the Creator of everything, whoever and whatever that is, for allowing me this incredible talent and even more, showing me how I can use it every single day of my life to help others and make the world a better place.

Make it a great Saturday!

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