Some weeks, life just moves so fast. 

Days full of work and camp and activities and playdates, followed by hurriedly-prepared dinner that tries to be healthy and evening plans – guests for dinner, the kids want to swim late, sleepovers, you get the picture.

How did life get so busy? Silly of me to think that summer symbolized downtime.

In a way it does. The kids sleep until they wake naturally, and we don’t rush to get to bed at a proscribed time. We linger outdoors on not-too-hot days and relish the cool mornings. Sun-kissed and rich with vitamin D, we don’t feel the urge to go and do and accomplish.

Except business needs to get done and the kids need to fill their days.

So many of my friends (most!) have filled their Facebook walls with posts about sending off their children to sleepaway camp, missing them, here are pictures so they know they’re having fun and can’t-wait-to-pick-them-up relief posts. (My niece comes home today.)

Though I, my husband and my ex loved sleepover camp, my kids have no interest in going anywhere. They like being home in the summer. They like not having to run. And the truth is, I love spending time with them. I fully believe they will take their independence some day, when they are ready, so I don’t believe in pushing it early on.

After all, family is about love and relationships and spending time with one another until each person is ready to soar.

I know my parenting style is different than most. I couldn’t wait to be a mom, and so I feel incredibly lucky to be one now. My kids amaze me. I admire them as people and treasure our fun together. And even when I lose it as any mother would, I’m not too proud to apologize, even to my kiddos.

I don’t believe kids need full days of social interaction. We don’t – why should they? Too much of other people is, well, too much.

I don’t believe kids need to be pushed out of the nest before they can fly. I don’t even believe school is sacrosanct. I believe the best childhood is a compilation of figures and settings but that the penultimate influence is the home and the parents.

Right now, the house is cool from a breathable night of open windows. Shaya and Eliana are still in pajamas in front of the TV. Asher is going to accompany me to the TV station (WXYZ, Channel 7), for a segment about a client, Karma Yoga, and its launch of Spirit Baby Yoga. 

People ask me if my children will behave if I take them such places, and I just scoff in response. Of course they will. When people are content in their lives, they don’t act out. It’s just a simple truth.

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