The sun is gleaming gold this morning and the house is silent. Dinner party last night with all the family around, celebrating my in-laws’ 50 years of marriage. Gold and yellow foods for the golden anniversary.

And then, moonlight and pinprick stars in a black sky while ocean waves crashed against the cool sand. The kids ran up and down the beach for spotlight tag. We sat on a blanket, watching them, the cool air on our skin, the perfect night all around us.

It has been a perfect week. For much of it, I’ve disconnected from the workaday world and all that’s happening back home. There were times I checked in, and then it was like a jolt, leaving me wondering why I get tied up in drama and turmoil willingly rather than focus on the Truth.

And what is the Truth, you ask?

The very silence that wakes us every morning and soothes us into sleep every night. The beautiful connection when eyes lock with eyes and hearts connect. The good in all. The beauty of nature.

Whenever I spend time in nature, all is well in my world. When I step away from the human needs, the ego-driven decisions, life is good. And so it makes me wonder how to survive in the regular world because it’s just not possible to live permanently on vacation.

The Truth is the bright light shining in your face, telling you it’s just work, and people are fragile. The Truth promotes kindness and honesty, respect and reverence. Seeing God in every face, in every soul, in every moment.

A friend told me a while back to let God be my co-CEO. Sure thing. I’ll give up the reins and leave it over to the Divine because to think I have any control anyway is indulging in fantasy.

All I can do is the best I can do.

This week, I’ve sat on the beach and read a light novel and let the waves crash and retreat, crash and retreat, and wash over me and bob on top of them and smell the earth’s saltiness and marvel at the brilliance of the ocean, the way its rhythm takes it back and forth in normal course and without concern.

The depths of the ocean – so much thicker than I can even comprehend. The natural order of how the tides work. The connection of moon and earth, of sand and sea.

There is no worry in nature. No insecurity, no meanness, no drama. In nature, everything follows instinct and natural course and it just works.

We humans really do a number on reality. If we just sat back and watched it all unfold, we’d know our place in the order of things. But we’re too busy meddling to realize we have nothing to do except exactly what we should do.

I have loved this vacation for many reasons. The wonderful people. The generosity of heart among my family-by-marriage. The beautiful scenery of oceanside living. The slow pace of just waking when you wake and meandering to the beach when the kids are ready and eating when hunger overtakes you, no matter what time it is.

I have loved the incredible, magnificent ocean, and feared it too. I’ve loved watching my children dive into waves. I’ve loved showering outdoors to wash off the sand and knowing I am one with the world.

Tomorrow, we leave, but today we are here. And the gold from a party celebrating life and love and life well-lived is a remnant glittering in my brilliant morning, festive and complete.

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