Where Have All the iPhone Chargers Gone?

Where have all the chargers gone…long time passing…

ap3For every iPhone, iPad and other iInstrument in this house, we started with a charger. They come in the little convenient white box, all ready to be compatible throughout the life of the device.

And yet, it doesn’t take long before there are none to be found, except the one we zealously guard in our bedroom and the one I keep in my purse. I do the math over and over in my head, and it just doesn’t add up: 5 iPhones, 3 iPads and 2 chargers.

Where have all the chargers gone?

Parenting, in a way, is a great exercise in non-attachment. Things come and things go. Hail the baby phase – how cute! Blink and it’s gone.

Those books you could read with your eyes closed they no longer want. Onward and upward! Toys once so beloved you hunted them down during a busy holiday shopping season, triumphant to grab the last box – now sit broken and unloved in a corner, ready to go in the donation pile (or the trash).

Clothing so cute once worn and now cast-off. The places and play dates we loved when they were little are a figment of the past. Onward and upward.

Childhood moves so quickly that we must not hang on too tight or become too attached to the here-and-now because it is gone before you realize. And so, this question of iPhone chargers does not surprise me. Frustrating, yes. Surprising, no.

4663529cdd17ecf757c9c40edf42b197Be attached to nothing! Make your way regardless of the ups and downs, hills and valleys. So you can’t charge your phone – who does it harm? The silence and lack of connection will be a welcome change.

And to try to figure out where, exactly, they disappeared to? That’s a futile effort. Don’t waste your time.

I’ve tried the ex-husband’s house but curiously there are none there. And so it goes. They once existed here for our use but during the course of living in the moment, they fell away into the question marks of life.

And that’s the best lesson of all: don’t ask, don’t wonder, don’t bemoan the fate of gone-bys. Just live with it as it comes and know that it all works out in the end. It really does.

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